explore | connect | advocate | develop

1. Explore

To investigate what is already happening in your area.

2. Connect

To make connections with local organisations and individuals who can support this work, including Creative Health Champions in other organisations local to you.

3. Advocate

To use opportunities to advocate for the role of culture and creativity in relation to health and wellbeing, both within your organisation and with your local community.

4. Develop

To develop policies for your own organisation that focus on culture and creativity in relation to health and wellbeing, or to write creative health into existing policies.


In 2017 the All-Party Parliamentary Group for Arts, Health & Wellbeing (hereafter APPG) published Creative Health: The Arts for Health and Wellbeing. The report presents the findings of two years of research, evidence-gathering and discussions with patients, service-users, health and social care professionals, artists and arts administrators, academics, people in local government, ministers, other policy-makers and parliamentarians from both Houses of Parliament.

Creative Health concludes with a series of ten recommendations. The Creative Health Champions Network relates to Recommendation 3:

We recommend that, at board or strategic level, in NHS England, Public Health England and each clinical commissioning group, NHS trust, local authority and health and wellbeing board, an individual is designated to take responsibility for the pursuit of institutional policy for arts, health and wellbeing.

In 2022, the network of Creative Health Champions has grown to include 50 members working within 25 of the 42 Integrated Care Systems in England. We would like to grow this network and encourage networks of Creative Health Champions within ICSs. We hope that existing members can recommend and encourage others to join from organisations within their ICS.

If you would like any further information about being a Creative Health Champion please contact NCCH: info@ncch.org.uk

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