Sue Flowers

Sue Flowers responded to the first theme - Mental Health and Wellbeing across the Life Course

Sue's image evolved from a creative absorption of the content of the Review's first online webinar and Sue's own Lived Experience of supporting family members living with mental ill-health.

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Sue Flowers

Kelly McLaughlin

Kelly McLaughlin responded to the second theme - Health Inequalities

“Photography became a hobby when life was starting all over. I soon realised after a day out with a friend how much photography gave me snaps of freedom. Now I'm looking at the world through a different lens, and the world looks back at me differently…Photography & Creative writing, is my medication”.

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Mah Rana

Mah Rana responded to the third theme - Social Care

"To be creative is an existential need; it is important that people can easily access opportunities to be creative in ways that are meaningful to them. Creative health helps to safeguard and stabilise mental health and well-being, and co-creativity can strengthen the relational elements of care through mutually beneficial interpersonal connections".

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Mah Rana

Phillipa Anders

Phillipa Anders responded to the fourth theme - End of Life Care and Bereavement

"Bereavement is a very lonely space – we need to support people better at this incredibly vulnerable time and creativity has a vitally important role to play in this".

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Phillipa image

Vikki Parker

Vikki Parker responded to the fifth theme - Education and Training (which included two sessions on Creativity for health and wellbeing in the education system; Creative health - workforce development and wellbeing)

"Education is fundamentally an intimate, individual experience that writes a legacy on the heart, mind, and body, and influences the rest of a person’s life. The system delivers to a collective, often forgetting the whole person, despite attempts to show otherwise. Without the arts we are breeding robots for systems."

In my painting I ask the question ‘if this glorious expansion is not happening within a child at school, then what are doing?'

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IMG 20200327 162040

David Tovey

David Tovey responded to the sixth theme - Cost-effectiveness, Evidencing Value for Money and Funding Models

“For me it saved my life. Arts gave me that access to see the world differently and for the world to see me differently.

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Surfing Sofas

Surfing Sofas responded to our seventh theme - Leadership and Strategy - Embedding Creative Health in Integrated Care Systems

Surfing Sofas created a live performance during our roundtable which celebrated Creativity and Wellbeing Week (15th - 21st May 2023). The live performance also responded to the Creativity and Wellbeing Week provocation ‘What is the role of creativity in a health crisis?’.

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Surfing Sofas J