This RCGP SIG has been set up to support and inspire GPs who have a special interest in creativity, and who advocate for creative health within General Practice.

The aims of the GP SIG

  • Flourishing – promote wellbeing through the arts for patients and clinicians
  • Transformation and culture change – encourage holistic care and practices with reflection through the arts
  • Scholarship and practice – build creative health evidence and strategy addressing all levels of primary care (education, patient care, ICBs, social prescribing etc)

GP SIG Co-leads: Professor. Louise Younie, Dr. Kathleen Wenaden, Alexis Butt (NCCH)

Professor. Louise Younie is a GP and Professor of Medical Education. Find out more about Louise >>

Dr. Kathleen Wenaden is a GP, Clinical Director of a Primary Care Network in Hackney, London, and a NHS GP appraiser, and Poet. Find out more about Kathleen >>

Alexis Butt is the General Manager at NCCH. Find out more about Alexis >>

GP SIG Regional Leads:

If you would like to get in touch with your Regional GP Lead, please email Alexis on info@ncch.org.uk and she will put you in touch.

  • Linda Miller: Central/North West London
  • Nicola Gill: Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Amal Lad: Birmingham
  • Lucy Antolin: Greater Manchester
  • Rahhiel Riasat: East of England

Interested in finding out more?

We are an inclusive group who welcome new members who share our passion or who are interested in finding out more. The GP SIG welcomes GP practice-wide membership from primary healthcare professionals. So, if you are a GP (retired GP), representing a GP Practice team, Medical Student, or Clinical Practitioner and would be interested in getting involved in this group, please contact NCCH's General Manger on info@ncch.org.uk.

Find out more about who is in our GP SIG with our GP SIG Network map (includes great examples of creative health in practice) >>


The GP SIG meets on a quarterly basis, but also communicates through a range of platforms including What’s App and newsletters. Also, the GP SIG holds an annual study day.

You can read more about the GP SIG by signing up to our newsletter HERE or downloading our most recent newsletters

Or read some of our GP SIG Case Studies

The Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP) has supported the creation of this group and the National Centre for Creative Health provides the Secretariat for this GP Special Interest Group.

Image of the GP SIG at a Study Day in Autumn 2022
Image of the GP SIG at a Study Day in Autumn 2022