Creative Health at a Glance

Creative Health at a Glance


A ‘Creative Health at a Glance’ Resource Booklet has been developed by our Creative Health Associates Programme. The booklet is an ‘at a glance’ resource, designed to quickly introduce health professionals to how creative and cultural activity can support health priorities.

Artistic, heritage and third-sector providers can also use this resource to get a better idea of what heath needs can be positively affected by their work.

The health conditions spotlighted throughout this booklet appear within the NHS’s Core20PLUS5 strategy and are recognised as the Major Conditions' contributing to ill health in the UK (first identified within the 2023 Major Conditions strategy). These strategies make use of national datasets to identify priority populations and health needs for policy and commissioning.

In addition, there is a section on Frailty and Falls Prevention. This responds to the NHS’s requirement to reduce demand in hospitals. Due to our ageing population, frailty and falls are a leading cause of hospital admissions.

Creative Health can help to support all these conditions.

You can access/download the resource here: Creative Health at a Glance | Booklet (PDF) >>

Poster Print Outs

If you would like to share the contents of this booklet in your workplace, each page is available as a print-out fact sheet/ poster. Click the health need below to access the associated poster.

Dementia | Poster (PDF) >>

Cancer | Poster (PDF) >>

Hypertension | Poster (PDF) >>

Maternity | Poster (PDF) >>

Severe Mental Illness (SMI) | Poster (PDF) >>

Mental Ill-health | Poster (PDF) >>

Cardiovascular Disease | Poster (PDF) >>

Chronic Respiratory Disease | Poster (PDF) >>

Musculoskeletal Disorders | Poster (PDF) >>

Frailty and Falls Prevention | Poster (PDF) >>

Find Out More

There is an ever-strengthening evidence-base in the field of Creative Health. The examples selected for this resource were chosen based on succinctness, variety of arts forms, and relevance to key strategies.

We encourage you to explore further should you wish to incorporate Creative Health provisions into your health system or service design. For an in-depth review of the latest evidence, see the Creative Health Review: How Policy Can Embrace Creative Health report (2023).

The ‘Creative Health at a Glance’ resource was developed by our Midlands Creative Health Associate, Jane Hearst. To access other blogs and event recordings developed by Jane, visit our blog pages at:

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